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Tiny House




Buurtschap te Veld, Eindhoven

Minihuset is a personal project, driven by a passion for sustainable living. With no prior experience, I embark on the challenge of building my own tiny house, using sustainable and circular materials.  It represents a journey towards a minimalist lifestyle, financial freedom, and a community of like-minded people exploring the possibilities of alternative living. 
My story

My journey starts in June 2020 when I co-founded an initiative group for Tiny Houses in Eindhoven. This arose from my concern for the environment and a desire to reduce my impact, as well as a feeling that the way we are living is becoming more isolated. By setting up a Tiny House community, I wanted to stimulate a place where people connect with each other that is inclusive and resilient. 

From March 2022, I started building my own tiny house. This not only connects to me as a person, but also as a designer. The challenge of bringing people in the neighbourhood together and pioneer in the areas of sustainability and urban living are ones that relate closely to my interests in social design. I am aware of the crucial role that I can have in contributing to a more sustainable future, responsible innovation and social cohesion.

Taking on the roles of both project manager and builder for my tiny house has been a valuable learning experience. I've been learning how to navigate a municipality that is unfamiliar with alternative forms of building. Being part of a community allows me to actively contribute to shaping shared spaces and collaborating with others. Communication has been crucial in conveying ideas and navigating differing opinions. These experiences have fostered trust, patience, and personal growth, benefiting both myself and the progress of Minihuset.

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