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Inclusive design







Joris Zorg

Zorggroep Elde Maasduinen

In collaboration with social design studio morgenmakers, we explored how the personhood and self-direction of people with dementia can be maintained when they move to a nursing home. I contributed to the further development of Eigenwijzer: a conversation toolkit that helps to collect information about the identity of the person with dementia.

For most people with dementia, there comes a time when they have to move to a nursing home. Healthcare organizations want to offer a feeling of home and provide person-centred care, but in practice this is often found to be challenging because nursing homes not only function as a home, but also as a care facility.

Eigenwijzer offers a valuable toolkit for starting conversations. It includes a book and a poster with visual prompts to spark meaningful discussions. The book has ten categories with six photo cards each, offering diverse conversation starters and memory triggers. The poster provides an overview of the person's, serving as a connection point. By placing the most discussed photo cards under elastic bands on the poster, along with short explanations, care staff can easily access relevant information and engage people with dementia more effectively.

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