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About me

Hi there! My name is Sanne (25) and I’m a social designer. I am by nature a curious and ambitious person. My passion lies in creating captivating experiences and meaningful interactions. I thrive on tackling social challenges because they invite to be approached in an explorative way. 

I am a creative at heart and a visual thinker. I'm constantly brewing up fresh ideas, like a chef in the kitchen of creativity (besides, I do like cooking).
With so many options in front of me, I can take my designs in different directions that suits the particular challenge and context.

Collaboration is valuable to me because it allows me to look at the problem from a holistic perspective. Using an empathetic approach, I use my skills to research, prototype and test concepts in a co-creative way, contributing to the development of a more inclusive and sustainable society. Let's make the world a bit more beautiful together!



Based in

Buurtschap te Veld, Eindhoven

KvK: 91079225

BTW: NL004864541B57

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